HS Daily Announcements

December 10, 2018 ~ Cycle 9/Day 2





London, Paris, Florence and Rome – that’s the Tower of London, the Louvre, Michaelangelo’s The David, and the Colleseum.  June 2020.  If Interested, see Mr. Dick in room 238.  That’s London, Paris, Florence and Rome, June 2020.  See Mr. Dick.

Jungle t-shirts & sweatshirts are being sold during all 3 lunches.  To secure your order, a deposit of $5.00 is required.

There will be a free meal every Wednesday evening 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the new Chef’s Place located at the Moose Family Center.  This is for Middle School and High School age students.

Mr. Bittner’s Environmental Science class and Mrs. Richie’s art classes are working together to collect plastic water bottles. The goal is to collect 500 water bottles from the cafeteria. A bin will be placed in the cafeteria during all lunches for you to place the water bottles in. Thank you!