The technology department for the Milton Area School District is responsible
for maintaining all the computers and computer related items in the district.

Please take time to download and review the documents below with respect to using MASD electronic resources.  It is very important that students are trained by teachers to report any issues that they see.  And, it is easier for our tech staff to keep our technology running if they know about a problem.  Issues should be reported to the tech department through the Tech Support Help Desk Ticket System on the staff resource page.

MASD Laptop Cart Best Practices 10-21-16
Sapphire Student Scheduler for ASC (for high school students)

When using laptops and iPads in the classroom (or shared carts) . . .

  • Assign each student to a specific device  – students should use the same one each time.
  • For laptops, remind students to wait 10 seconds after the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen opens to start the login process on a laptop – this allows for a successful wireless connection.
  • For laptops, students should close all programs and log off when finished to prepare the device for the next user.  When shutting down, do NOT shut the lid until the laptop is completely shut down and lights are out – otherwise it will stay on and cause problems for the next user.
  • For iPads, students should log out of any apps, double click the home button and swipe up all apps to close so that the device is ready for the next user.

Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers and Network Resources (Policy 815)

Student Contract
District Staff Contract
Non-District Staff Contract (Student Teachers, Interns, and Other Non-District Employees)


Investing in Our Future (Digital Conversion)