Perfect storm of high humidity, unprecedented rainfall leads to mold discovery in schools

Perfect storm of high humidity, unprecedented rainfall leads to mold discovery in schools
Milton, PA – August 24th, 2018
“Every table and desk in the district’s five schools has been turned over. Nothing has been left uncleaned.” Those are the words of ServPro representatives, tasked with the expansive remediation of high humidity related issues in the Milton Area School District, said Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan.
“Today, in a call with Mountain Research, we learned there are abnormal concentrations of mold in some portions of the school. An environmental scientist with Mountain Research called the mold, ‘common for buildings at this time of year, especially schools’.” Dr. Keegan noted. Calling them ‘Primary colonizers that grow under high humidity conditions’, Mountain Research Environmental Scientist Matt Ference noted schools are normally shut down during the summer months. “Lights are off, the rooms are cooler with fewer bodies in them, with the incredible amount of rain and high levels of humidity, this was a perfect storm.” Mountain Research, a 30+ year environmental and laboratory services corporation based in Altoona, updated school officials Friday afternoon with news of the discovery of mold. “These are common mold spores, normally found outdoors, that made its way inside. Fortunately no harmful ‘Black Mold’ was found, said Ference.
Remediation crews from ServPro initiated air scrubbing and dehumidification efforts at all five Milton schools on Friday, August 13th and continue to put extensive hours into the process of preparing students, teachers and staff for the opening of the school year. ServPro Manager, Rob Goslee said they’re making great progress, thanks to the tireless efforts of Milton Area School District custodial staff. “We’re providing humidity remediation at other school districts in the area, and Milton’s custodians are making this process as smooth as possible.”
ServPro and Mountain Research representatives all believe the schools will be open as forecasted, with teachers returning to their classrooms on Tuesday, September 4. Students are set to return to class on Thursday, September 6th.
Regarding the aging HVAC infrastructure, Dr. Keegan noted the school board will perform an audit of the current systems and determine what type of action is most appropriate, repair or replacement of the antiquated systems.
The Milton Area School District anticipates updating parents, teachers and staff as we learn more about the remediation process. For additional information, please contact Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan at 570-742-7614.