Dress Code 18-19

Attention parents and guardians of Milton High School students: Please review the dress code policy as there have been a few minor changes made for this school year. The dress code policy can also be found on the district Facebook page. Please also note that if the dress code is broken, an opportunity will be given to change to appropriate attire.  If a change of clothes is not already with the student, a parent will be contacted to bring the appropriate clothing to school.



DRESS CODE: The Milton Area High School administration, faculty, students and their parents recognize that education is extremely important and that their school must maintain the highest level of dignity, commitment, and seriousness of purpose. Attire that promotes sexual activity, violence, use of alcohol or drugs, or demeans or degrades another because of race, sex, religious persuasion, national origin, handicap or disability is prohibited. Style, length or fit of attire cannot be provocative, including clothing that exposes undergarments or private body parts. Accordingly, the Milton Area High School has established and maintained a high standard of dress and appearance among its students. In this spirit, the following rules govern student dress and appearance:

  1. Students will not be permitted to wear excessively skin tight or baggy clothing. Objectionably form-fitting blouses, short tops to expose a bare midriff, objectionably short dresses or skirts, undershirts, pajamas, muscle shirts, mesh shirts, tank tops, sunglasses, sheer clothing, hats, or headwear.  Hair ties are acceptable up to 1 inch.
  2. Clothing will not be permitted that displays imprints not in good taste for a school atmosphere. This includes, but is not limited to, slogans and pictures that are sexually offensive, slogans and pictures that promote drug use, and slogans or pictures that advertise tobacco, alcohol or beer products and/or consumption.
  3. Students will not be permitted to wear any item of apparel which has excessive holes or tears.
  4. Shoes, sneakers and sandals are appropriate footwear and are expected to be worn during the school day.
  5. Students may not use backpacks, book bags, athletic bags, drawstring bags, or large purses during the school day. These items may be used to transport materials to and from school. They are to be stored in students’ lockers during the school day.

Note: The above dress code may be amended at any time by the building administration. Any student’s appearance deemed to be educationally disruptive will not be tolerated within the school setting.

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