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Wrapping Mr. Heggenstaller Reading Challenge

Montandon held a reading challenge during the week of December 2nd-9th

Each student was asked Kindergarten–2nd grade to read 10-15 minutes, and 3rd–5th grade 25-30 minutes each night for 5 nights. Parents were asked to sign and date their reading log each night that their child read at home.  Once 5 nights have been read, the students returned their reading log to school. All completed reading logs were entered into a drawing to Wrap Mr. Heggenstaller during our holiday assembly. Thank you for encouraging reading every day and for helping to reach your child’s goal at home.

These students were drawn to wrap Mr. Heggenstaller

Front Row: Blaze Beachel (1st), Aspen Huhn (1st), Coltin Dauberman (K), Brynn Umholtz (K), Kylie Schrock (K)

Back Row: Landon Murray (1st), Alysa Paige-Miller (4th), Luke Goodwin (5th), Ciara Moser (3rd), Monty Fisher (3rd)

Not Pictured: Logan Savidge (2nd)

Montandon's students also voted to have a teacher be wrapped along with Mr. Heggenstaller.

By popular vote, Mr. Manotti (4th grade) was voted to be wrapped as present along with Mr. Heggenstaller.

Holiday Assembly with Minute-It to Win-It Games


Christmas Balls

  Pulled 7 student names and one teacher name for 4 teams of 2. We used 4 wrapped packages and 4 ornaments. The students could only use a wrapped box to pass the ornament from one person to the other, to see which team could do it faster.

First Grade: 

Wreath Relay

Pulled 7 student names and one teacher name for 4 teams of 2. We used 4 hoola hoops and wreath hooks on a divider wall. The student's goal was to pass the hoola hoop from one person to the other, without using their hands. The teacher at the end, then needed to hang the hoola hoop on the wreath hanger without using their hands as well.

Second Grade: 

Jingle in the Trunk

 Pulled 7 student names and one teacher. We used 8 tissue boxes with 6 jingle bells in each and string to tie around their waist. Their goal was to shake out all their bells from their boxes without using their hands.

Third Grade: 

Face the Gingerbread Man

Pulled 7 student names and one teacher. Each person needed to eat the gingerbread cookie off their face, without using their hands.

Fourth Grade: 

Stack Attack

 Pulled 7 student names. We used 15 cups, on for 4 team relays. It was a race to see, which team could stack and tear down cups the fastest.

Fifth Grade: 

Hungry Hippos with kids

Pulled 9 student names and 4 teachers. Students rolled on scooters on their stomachs, while the teachers held on to their feet. The goal was to scoop as many balls into their baskets before the timer went off.

Montandon's Pawsitive Panthers for December:

The following students have been chosen to receive this month's Pawsitive Panther Award for displaying consistent positive behavior and excellence in the classroom:


Front Row: Ruby Beachy (K. Mrs. Romania), Jamelyn Krow (K. Ms. Martin)

Middle Row: Logan Savidge (2nd Mrs. Winters), Caliah Thomas (1st Ms. Biro), Elijah Bertin (1st Mr. Balliet)

Back Row: Troy Tyson (4th Mr. Manotti), Dakearah Rossman (3rd Mrs. Blough), Luke Goodwin (5th Mr. Marshall)

Fit with Family!!


We would like to start a collage in the gym with our students here at Montandon Elementary school. It is going to be called Fit with Family! What we need from you is anytime you and your family are exercising together, hiking, out for a walk, or go to the park, etc., snap a selfie or have someone else take the picture and email them to or send a copy of the picture in with your child and we will place it on the board. We want to do this because we love seeing our students involved in exercise outside of our regular Physical Education class.

We are really looking forward to seeing all of our Montadon families on our Fit with Family board!!

This is not mandatory, but if you do have any questions, please email me at

Thank you.

Mrs. Brosious

Health & Physical Education Teacher



4th Grade Writing Celebration

4th grade has reached the end of their Narrative Writing Unit! They published pieces which were showcased on Thursday, November 17th around 12:30ish in Montandon’s cafeteria. As a class they started this unit writing personal narratives. After practicing and practicing writing stories about themselves, they are now ready to showcase their Realistic Fiction writing pieces. Each students read their writing. It has been a long 1st marking period and these young writers have put forth much effort. Parents were invited to celebrate their hard work and dedication. Having an audience is paramount to a writer. Having someone to listen is paramount to a child. Thanks for all of your support.


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