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Montandon Elementary




PAWS Punch Cards Winners

Montandon’s students filled a full row on our chart for the PAWS Punch Cards. The following students are the winners for receiving 10 punches on their PAWS card by showing:

Practice respect and kindness

Act responsibly

Work hard

Stay safe

Congratulations to our students!!

Keep using your PAWS!!

These students won the opportunity to eat lunch with their favorite teacher!!

Front Row (left to right): Colin Rohrbach-Baker (K), Joshalyn Bobb (2nd), Louis Gatto (1st), Trisha Erb (1st)

Back Row (left to right): Brendan Brickhart (5th), Elizabeth Schrock (2nd), Latavia Rossman (1st), Kiley Long (2nd), Slade Hulsizer (1st), Lillian Snyder (2nd)

Bus Evacuation

Montandon’s student, practice the importance of School Bus Evacuations. Given the case there would be an emergency situation, they would know how to safely exit.

Montandon's Panther Proud!!


Wolfgang Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again, Montandon’s students are selling Wolfgang Candy.

Montandon had a representative from Wolfgang, come to speak with our students about safe ways to sell their candy. She also, showed the students all the prizes they could win if they sold candy.

If you’d like to order our fundraiser it runs from; September 1st -30th.

Orders Pickup Date: Tuesday, November 17th.

Checks can be made payable to: Montandon PSA

Help us support Montandon students!!

Thank you.

Montandon's Panther Proud!!

Attention Parents/Guardians:

Milton Area School District is using Sapphire Student Information System and Online Gradebook beginning with the 15-16 school year.  The system provides a Community Web Portal for parents to view grades, assignments, and school announcements for their children.

Please create your Sapphire Parent Community Web Portal account by following these steps:

  • Click on the for PARENTS link on the district homepage above
  • Click on the Sapphire icon
  • Click on the “Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form” on the right side under "Don’t have an account"
  • Follow all the prompts to complete the process (you must have a valid email address)

You will receive an email upon submitting the online application.  You will receive a second email when the account is approved and finalized by Mr. Brian Ulmer, Director of Secondary Education.  The second email will include a five-digit PIN generated by the Sapphire system.  You can then login to Sapphire with the username and password that you selected in the online application and the system-generated PIN provided in the second email.

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