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Montandon Elementary



Montandon’s 100 Days Smarter

Davin Springer (1st) making his 100th day Hat

Kindergarteners Owen Shawley and Camrin Clemens counted 100 fruit loops and are making a candy necklace

Selah Fritz (K) wearing her 100th day hat she made

Mrs. Smith, Mahaley Mathias (1st), and Ms. Toland dress and little old 100 year old ladies.

Happy 100th day of School!! 

2nd Marking Period’s Perfect Attendance

Kindergarten & 1st grade:

(Left to right) Emilee Felmey, Lainey Lahr, Sara Mincemoyer, Owen Shawley, Gavin Swanson-Batman, Tristen Engle, Jaycee Hollenbach, Tyler Murray, Logan Savidge, Tyler Shade, Davin Springer, Matthew Swartzlander, Briana Ulrich

2nd grade:

Gabby Heckman, Keenyn Meyer, Ciara Moser, Justin Parker, Molly Reichenbach

3rd grade:

Emily Beaver, Autumn Bowen, Landon Dershem, Adara Fluke, Zeb Heck, Addyson Murray, Lennon Paul, Levi Shamblen, Troy Tyson

4th grade:

No picture

Zoey Dreisbach, Connor Fawcett, Kaylie Savidge, J. Wyatt Swallow, Kurstin Young

5th grade:

Emma East, Cailyn Hollenbach, Carly Neidig, Mariah Reichenbach

Not pictured: Emily Swartzlander



For January

Front Row: Vivyan Ashton (1st Ms. Biro), Briana Ulrich (1st Mr. Balliet),

Cyrus Betz (K Ms. Martin), Owen Shawley (K Mrs. Romania)

Back Row: Troy Tyson (3rd Ms. Toland), Leiff Knight (2nd Mrs. Winters), Kaylie Savidge (4th Mr. Manotti),

Kemper Haines (2nd Mrs. Blough), Trace Witter (5th Mr. Marshall)

Santa comes to visit Montandon

Ms. Martin's Kindergarten class

Mrs. Romania's Kindergarten class

Ms. Biro's 1st grade

Mr. Balliet's 1st grade

Ms. Toland's 3rd grade


Montandon's Holiday Assembly

Mr. Balliet and Ms. Biro hosted our Holiday Assembly

Ms. Martin's Kindergarten class performed Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Mrs. Romania's Kindergarten class perform 12 Days of Christmas

Mr. Balliet's and Ms. Biro's 1st grade class skit

Ms. Toland's 3rd grade class skit

Mr. Manotti's 4th grade class skit

Kaylie Savidge and Madison Snyder sang solo 

Wrapping Reading Challenge

Wrapping Mrs. Berry-Propst and Mrs. Blough as Snowmen

During the week of December 1st-7th Montandon’s students participated in a reading challenge.

Our student’s goal was, Kindergarten–2nd grade to read 10-15 minutes, and 3rd–5th grade 25-30 minutes each night for 5 nights. Parents were to then sign and date a reading log each night that their child reads at home.  Once 5 nights had been read, the students were to return the reading log to school. Each student who participated in completing the reading log, were then entered into a drawing to Wrap Mrs. Berry-Propst and and Mrs. Blough. The wrapping festivities took place during our Holiday Assembly. Thank you for encouraging reading every day, and for helping our students reach their goal at home.

The students drawn to do the "Wrap Mrs. Berry-Propst Reading Challenge"  were:

(Left to Right) Gavin Swanson-Batman (K), Matthew Swartzlander (1st), Mrs. Berry-Propst, Gabby Heckman (2nd), Leiff Knight (2nd), Brendan Bickhart (5th), Aubryanna Hertzler (K), Tristen Erb (1st), Keenyn Meyer (2nd), Carlie Dauberman (3rd), Pierce Hoffer (3rd), and Mrs. Blough

Minute to Win It

Teacher and Staff did Blindfolded Musical Chairs

Mrs. Brosious and Caden Beaver did candy cane pick-up

Selah Fritz (K) and Mrs. Blough competed in the paper blowing contest

Dancing Elves

Mrs. Blough, Mrs. Smith and Ms. Martin performed the Dancing Elves

(Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Brosious and Mrs. Romania assisted in background dancing)

 Montandon's Faculty and Staff in the Holiday Spirit!!

Left to Right Front: Mrs. Romania, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Blough, Mr. Marshall

Left to Right Back Row: Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Michael, Ms. Biro, Mr. Manotti, Ms. Toland, Mrs. Brosious, Mrs. Winters


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