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Montandon Elementary




Reach Out Magazine Fundraiser

Paul Dipippa came to Montandon, and asked the students to take Reach Out Magazine Address Booklets home. The students were supposed to get 7 address cards filled out and return the booklets. After the booklets were returned each student received a bear keychain, and were entered into a drawing to win the Grand Prize a plush bear. The students could also receive additional bears and a Bling bear, if they also returned the other magazine request forms. The students are always excited to take part in this fundraiser.


Grand Prize Winners

Back Row: Ethan Minium (4th), Gaige Holzapfel (3rd), Dominic Ballo (3rd)

 Front Row: Allasandra Dicostanzo (2nd), Matthew Swartzlander (K), Troy Tyson (2nd)





Montandon’s 2nd Marking Period Awards Assembly

Panther 200 Club Winners

2nd Marking Period

Zander Tallent (3rd), Matthew Swartzlander (K), Ethan Zechman (1st), Brianna Ulrich (K), Hayley Veitch (5th), Jeremiah Rode (1st)

Lucius Knight (1st), Tristian Erb (K), Hailey Miller (3rd), Molly Reichenbach (1st), Elsa Mincemoyer (3rd), Dante Cook (5th)

Marking Period Winners

Alexis Melhorn (4th), Carlie Dauberman (2nd), Connor Fawcett (3rd), Dustin Gearhart (K), Riley Murray (5th)

The above winners will being having lunch with Mrs. Berry-Propst!! 

Perfect Attendance for the 2nd Marking Period.

These students have come to school on time, and have been present in class everyday isn’t the 1st day of school:

Tyler Murray (K), Dustin Gearhart (K), Aianna McClintock (2nd), Pierce Hoffer (2nd), Adara Fluke (2nd), Carlie Dauberman (2nd), Lainey Snyder (K), Riley Murray (5th), Mackenzi McBride (5th)

Elsa Mincemoyer (3rd), Kaylie Savidge (3rd), Kiera Nickles (3rd), Levi Shamblen (1st), Troy Tyson (2nd), Tyler Ulrich (2nd), Monty Fisher (1st), Adam Kerstetter (1st), Luke Shawley (1st)





American Heart Association

Jump Rope for the Heart

It Takes Heart to be a Hero!

On February 13th, Montandon is hosting Jump Rope for Heart. It’s a community service, which teaches kids:

  • The importance of developing heart-healthy habits
  • That being physically active can be fun
  • That by raising funds to support research and education they help save lives across the country and in their community

1. Return the permission slip

2. Set a dollar goal and ask friends and family to help you reach it.

3. Return the collection envelope and a great time at the event!

Envelopes passed out: January 16, 2015

Envelopes Due: February 11, 2015

Date of Event: February 13, 2015 (due PE classes)


Superintendent Lunch

Montandon’s Superintendent Lunch with Mrs. Groller and Mrs. Berry-Propst, gave the student the opportunity to discuss with them any concerns and things they liked about Montandon. The students are always excited to be able to have the chance to be selected, to eat with the superintendent and principal.

This year’s students selected to eat with them were:


Eli Russell (2nd), Rhiannon Yonkin (1st), Tristan Engle (2nd), Ashley Shamblen (5th), Elsa Mincemoyer (3rd), Trace Witter (4th), Jailyn Smith (1st), Chloe Bastian (Kindergarten), and Angelina Williams (Kindergarten)


 Montandon's Panther Proud!!

Santa Comes to Visit Montandon

Ms. Martn's Class

Mrs. McBryan's/Mrs. Digan's Class

Mr. Balliet's Class

Mrs. Reitz's Class

Mrs. Winter's/Mrs. Blough's Class

Mrs. Easton's Class

Mrs. Ferguson's Class

Mr. Marshall's Class


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