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Montandon's 3rd Marking Period Awards Assembly

Panther 200 Club Winners

Jaycee Hollenbach (K), Chloe Bastian (K), James Fishburn (K), Reagan Nickles (K), Ash Clugston (K), Claire Dick (K), Matthew Swartzlander (K), Raquel Fritz (K), Montgomery Fisher (1st), Landon Dershem (2nd), Leah Zimmerman (2nd), Zebulon Heck (2nd), Dominic Ballo (3rd), Gaige Holzapfel (3rd), Zander Tallent (3rd), Hunter Zettlemoyer (3rd), Gage Mounts (3rd), Skyler Dauberman (4th), Kyla Rovenolt (5th), & Mya Moser (5th).

Marking Period Winners for Perfect Attendance

Connor Fawcett (3rd), Montgomery Fisher (1st), Kiera Nickles (2nd), Levi Shamblen (2nd), Adara Fluke (2nd), Kaylie Savidge (3rd), Elsa Mincemoyer (3rd), Ashley Swartzlander (4th), & Autumn Swartzlander.

(Missing from picture Aaliyah Myers (5th))

The above winners will being having lunch with Mrs. Berry-Propst!!

Perfect Attendance for the 3rd Marking Period.

These students have come to school on time, and have been present in class everyday since the 1st day of school:

Connor Fawcett (3rd), Montgomery Fisher (1st), Adara Fluke (2nd), Elsa Mincemoyer (3rd), Aaliyah Myers (5th), Kiera Nickles (2nd), Kaylie Savidge (3rd), Levi Shamblen (2nd), Autumn Swartzlander, & Ashley Swartzlander.


Pawsitive Panthers for March

The following students have been chosen to receive this month's Pawsitive Panther Award for displaying consistent positive behavior and excellence in the classroom:

James Fishburn (Kindergarten Ms. Martin), Davin Springer (Kindergarten Mrs. McBryan/Mrs. Digan), Madelyn Coup (1st Mrs. Reitz), Kiley Long (1st Mr. Balliet), Olivia Walker (2nd Mrs. Blough), Carmine Dicostanzo (2nd Mrs. Winters), Luke Goodwin (3rd Mrs. Easton), Kendall Fedder (4th Mrs. Ferguson), Alexis Berkheimer (5th Mr. Marshall)

Montandon's Panther Proud!!

Montandon’s Book Fair

Montandon’s PSA, hosted a Scholastic Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair.

The theme was “Stock up for Summer Reading!”

The summer is a great time for children to read independently and explore topics and books of their own interest. Twenty minutes a day of leisure reading can enhance a child’s reading comprehension, vocabulary, general knowledge, empathy for others, as well as their self-confidence as readers.

There was a great turn out of Montandon parents and students, who attended the book fair.

Louis Gatto (K) with his parents, and Ely Reitz (3rd).

Ely Reitz (3rd) and Tavin Reitz (K)

Mrs.Digan helping run the cash register at the Book Fair.

Montandon's Kindergarten Egg Hunt

Ms. Martin's and Mrs. Digan’s/Mrs. McBryan's classes enjoyed their holiday "Egg Hunt," hosted by the High School's National Honor Society students.

Latavia Rossman

Lainey Snyder, Vivyan Ashton, Mahaley Mathias

Happy Spring Break!!

Deputy Phil Visits Montandon

Deputy Phil & Sheriff Wolfe, came to Montandon, and gave 1st-4th grades an exciting presentation. Subjects discuss were, respecting people, school safety, and stranger danger. As well as played a trivia game with two student volunteer (Kaitlyn Erb-1st grade & Connor Fawcett 3rd grade), to see how much they had learned from the presentation. The students found the presentation to be very entertaining.

If you’d like to learn more about Deputy Phil’s program you can visit:

Superintendent’s Lunch at Montandon

One student from each classroom was invited to have the opportunity to eat lunch with Mrs. Keegan and Mrs. Berry-Propst during the Superintendent’s lunch. During the lunch, the students were able to talk with Mrs. Keegan, about any concerns and ideas they had to make Montandon a better school.

The following students were invited to the Superintendent’s lunch:

Claire Dick (K), Logan Savidge (K), Luke Shawley (1st), Gabby Heckman (1st), Chadrick Bastian (2nd), Emily Beaver (2nd), Gaige Holzapfel (3rd), Alysa Dreese (4th), Mya Moser (5th)

Montandon's Panther Proud!!


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