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Upcoming events at Montandon:

  • Class Lists - Please check back soon!
  • Kindergarten Orientation - August 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm
  • Open House - August 18, 2014 at 6:30 pm
  • First Day of School - August 21, 2014
  • PSA Meeting - August 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm (library)

If you are the parent of a child who is under the age of 18 residing in White Deer Township, Union County, Pa and you received a 2014 per capita tax bill for that child please disregard this tax bill as they were sent to the printer in error by the Union County Assessment Office. If you would like a per capita tax exoneration statement for your child please contact Jane Regelman.

Olympic Bike Race

This was a reading incentive during the Reading for the Gold Challenge.

Ms. Martin (Kindergarten teacher), who was in the 1992 (in Barcelona, Spain) and 1996 (in Atlanta) Summer Olympics representing her home country South Africa. She competed by doing cycling. Ms. Martin she said, “There’s not a day that I don’t feel the Olympic spirit burning in my heart.” She set a challenge to encourage the students, with the overall winner, winning the opportunity to race against her outside in the back recess area.

Alexis Shade was the top reader in the challenge for Reading for the Gold, with the outstanding total of 12,000 minutes read. She had won the bike riding challenge with an Olympian (Ms. Martin) when the weather got nicer.

On June 4th, Alexis took Ms. Martin's challenge to race an Olympian around Montandon's building. The winner of the race, would receive a trophy.

Alexis Shade won this race!!

Montandon's Panther Proud!!

Have a Safe and Health Summer!!

See you all in the August!!

Montandon's Award Ceremony

SUPERINTENDENT’S CIRCLE AWARD – Honoring the creative art work. (Mrs. Groller but if not in attendance – Mrs. Richie)

K- Benjamin Brandt

1st – Nevaya Haines

2nd – Lucas Radke

               3rd – Aidian Felix                

4th – Michael Faux

5th – Luke Reitz

AUGUSTA S. FOOSE MEMORIAL AWARD - Presented in memory of Augusta S. Foose, teacher and Elementary Principal in the Milton Schools for 33 years by friends and family.  Monetary award and certificate is presented to the fourth grade student in Milton, Montandon and White Deer Elementary Schools having achieved the greatest academic improvement from grade third to grade four and to the fifth grade student in each building having achieved the greatest academic improvement from grade fourth to grade five. (Certificate and Check $10.00)

  Grade 3 to 4 –  Kyla Rovenolt

          Grade 4 to 5 –   Keet Zimmerman



Grade 5

Zoe Paul, Jenna Fawcett, Allison Hollenbach, Jaida Hoffer

Kaitlin Mathias, Tian Huhn, Brady Hoey, Drew Harris

Cheyenne Attinger, Grace Miller


Grade 5

Jaida Hoffer, Brady Hoey, Cheyenne Attinger,Kaitlin Mathias

Tian Huhn

Grade 4

Alexis Berkheimer, Koltyn Brintzenhofe, Mackenzi McBride, Riley Murray

Ashley Shamblen, Kyla Rovenolt, Lucas Hower, Gracie Hauck


Jaida Hoffer, Ashley Shamblen

PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Students achieving a minimum 90% average in grade 5. (Certificates & Pins)

Ethan Russell

Jenna Fawcett

Mason Betz

Tyler Flederbach

Sydney Wright

LEVITAN MEMORIAL AWARD - Awarded to the third grade student from each classroom who has demonstrated the highest net gain in reading proficiency throughout this school year. 

(Certificate and $15 Gift Certificate) This year’s winners are:

Wright:  Carly Neidig

PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD – (Certificate & check $10.00)

Ethan Russell

       Kaitlin Mathias       


4th Grade -     Alexis Berkheimer, Braxton Blyler, Koltyn Brintzenhofe           

                        Dante Cook, Michael Faux, Anthony Felix          

                        Micah Fritz, Cole Goodwin, Lucas Hower

                        Mackenzi McBride, Mya Moser, Riley Murray

                        Aaliyah Myers, Hayven Rarig, Kyla Rovenolt

                        Alexis Shade, Ashley Shamblen, Abigail Snyder

                        Hayley Veitch, Gavin Walsh

5th Grade –    Ethan Russell, Lamar Moser

PANTHER PAWS 200 CLUB BOARD WINNERS (Papa John’s Certificate- 15 students)

Rhiannon Yonkin, Austyn Hicks, Ethan Minium, Trenton Zechman

Nevaya Haines, Ely Reitz, Keenyn Meyer, Troy Tyson

Alexis Berkheimer, Emily Swartzlander, Carlie Dauberman, Kiley Long

Noah Haines, Addison Zettlemoyer, Tristan Engle

Not Pictured:


This includes all three elementary school (Certificate & check $10.00)

      Tyler Flederbach

NANCY L. HENDRICKS MEMORIAL AWARD - An award is given each year to honor the memory of Mrs. Hendricks who served as a dedicated elementary teacher at Montandon Elementary for many years.  A $25.00 check is presented to the fifth grade students at Montandon Elementary School achieving the highest and second-highest academic average.  (Certificate & $25.00 Check) This year’s winners are:

Grade 5 Highest Average -   Jenna Fawcett

   Second-Highest Average -   Tyler Flederbach

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