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Montandon Elementary




Montandon's Character Day!!


Montandon’s Character Day 2014

Teacher's Theme:


1st Row: Mrs.Smith (Marshmallow)

2nd Row: (L to R): Ms. Martin (Talking Rock), Mrs. Welsh (Talking Rock), Mrs. Vankirk (Talking Rock), Mrs. Easton (Talking Rock)

3rd Row (L to R): Mrs. Winters (Sven), Mrs. Digan (Snowflake), Mrs. Blough (Queen), Mr. Marshall (Hans), Mrs. Ferguson (Elsa), Mrs. Schultz (Anna), Mr. Balliet (Kristoff), Mrs. Rudloff (Snowflake), Mrs. Michael (Olaf), Mrs. Reitz (Snowflake)

Hope Everyone Has A Safe And Happy Character Day!!!



Pawsitive Panthers for October

The following students have been chosen to receive this month's Pawsitive Panther Award for displaying consistent positive behavior and excellence in the classroom:


Front Row: Louis Gatto (Kindergarten Mrs. McBryan), Leiff Knight (1st Mrs. Reitz)

Back Row: Zander Tallent (3rd Mrs. Easton), Ashley Shamblen (5th Mr. Marshall), Adara Fluke (2nd Mrs. Blough)

Missing from picture: Talen Hoffer (4th Mrs. Ferguson)

PPL Bright Kids

Visit with 2nd and 3rd Grade

The 2nd and 3rd graders learned about renewable and nonrenewable natural resources with a focus on becoming more energy efficient. They conducted an experiment with a circuit and demonstrated how electricity is generated.  They will each be receiving a "bright kids" kit, so they can implement energy saving practices in their own homes. Hopefully, if students return their surveys, each class can receive up to a $100 grant from PPL.


 Montandon's Panther Proud!!

The Milton Area School District will be participating in the Feed-A-Friend Campaign from Monday, October 27th through Friday, November 21st.  Please see the attached flyer for additional information.

Technology in Montandon’s Library

The students love when Mrs. Killian comes to share technology with them. Each class she’s has here, she tries to get the students on the iPads to explore and learn new things. The students most recently learned, how to search for their own library books on the school’s Destiny program on the iPads. Montandon’s students and staff, are truly enjoying having Mrs. Killian as our librarian and Media Specialist!!


 Montandon's Panther Proud!!


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