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Students in Mrs. Brouse's American Government and World History classes gathered in the high school Literacy Cafe to work on "Declaration of Independence" timelines and a Roman Architectural project comparing and contrasting old verses modern architecture.  Some students used laptops (high tech) while others created in a more traditional fashion (low tech).  With either creation method, students enjoyed the project.  Alyssa Byers and Mikayla Lloyd had this to say, "We like working in the Literacy Cafe on the laptops.  It's a comfortable and more relaxing environment and gives us an opportunity to get away from the classroom.  By creating a timeline, we researched and discovered the steps leading up to the completion and signing of this important document in our history.  Project work allows us to express creatively and learn deeper."  Mrs. Brouse uses project learning a lot because it hits all the different learning styles of all of her students.  It also allows for more authentic learning and expression of knowledge of history.

Milton Area School District’s new notification system is attached to our student information system, Sapphire.  Parents have the ability to change contact information and update their notification workflows in the portal. Parents, please follow the steps in this document to ensure that your contact information is correct and notification settings are setup in order to receive information from the Milton Area School District.

Don't have a Sapphire parent account?  Read this article!

Attention Parents/Guardians:

Milton Area School District is using Sapphire Student Information System and Online Gradebook beginning with the 15-16 school year.  The system provides a Community Web Portal for parents to view grades, assignments, and school announcements for their children.

Please create your Sapphire Parent Community Web Portal account by following these steps:

  • Click on the for PARENTS link on the district homepage above
  • Click on the Sapphire icon
  • Click on the “Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form” on the right side under "Don’t have an account"
  • Follow all the prompts to complete the process (you must have a valid email address)

You will receive an email upon submitting the online application.  You will receive a second email when the account is approved and finalized by Mr. Brian Ulmer, Director of Secondary Education.  The second email will include a five-digit PIN generated by the Sapphire system.  You can then login to Sapphire with the username and password that you selected in the online application and the system-generated PIN provided in the second email.

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