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Baugher Elementary



Baugher Elementary celebrates International DOT Day

Practice respect and kindness...Act responsibly...Work hard...Stay safe

These are the Schoolwide Positive Behavior Expectations, otherwise known as our PAWS rules.

Students are taught these expectations across all school settings and then earn rewards for following the rules.

Baugher, White Deer, and Montandon students all came together at the High School for a kickoff celebration pep rally where the school wide rules were reinforced with songs, cheers, and lots of Panther Pride!


The Baugher Elementary Administration, Faculty and Staff welcomes you to the 2016-17 School Year!
We look forward to another successful year of learning and growing together!


Dear Parents and Guardians:

Milton Area School District utilizes the Sapphire Student Information System for grading, contact information, and notifications.  Parents should create Community Web Portal accounts to view classroom information and grades, update contact information, and set up notification workflows.   Download the document below and follow the steps to connect to the parent Community Web Portal.

Sapphire - Parent Community Web Portal Information


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