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Baugher Elementary



As we move closer to the beginning of another school year, TV, radio and internet adds are all about back to school bargains. Here at Baugher we too are getting excited to welcome everyone back.  However, it takes a lot of lifting, moving, polishing, and scrubbing to make a bright and beautiful learning environment ready for your return. So lets hear it for the amazing crew of MASD Custodians who are hard at work while all the kids are hard at summer play! We would never be ready without their dedication and hard work.

If you are the parent of a child who is under the age of 18 residing in White Deer Township, Union County, Pa and you received a 2014 per capita tax bill for that child please disregard this tax bill as they were sent to the printer in error by the Union County Assessment Office. If you would like a per capita tax exoneration statement for your child please contact Jane Regelman.

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