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Baugher Elementary



Jleea Linn, Mackenzie Lopez, Kiaralis Irizarry, Kamrin Aigler, Max Ferry, Mackenzie Smith, Landon Dershem, Meia Navarro, Alexis Reigel, Katelyn Campbell, Hagen Hanselmann, Wyatte Wolfgang

Carter Bailey, Landon Cromley, Lainey Snyder, Ethan Rearick, Cole Kopp, Alexis Heim, Allison Auman, Autumn Toti, Louise Cromley, Conner Moll, Brianna Zwernemann, Liam Reeder, Nolan Scheller, Gabriel Beardsley

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Milton Area School District utilizes the Sapphire Student Information System for grading, contact information, and notifications.  Parents should create Community Web Portal accounts to view classroom information and grades, update contact information, and set up notification workflows to receive announcements.   Download the document below and follow the steps to connect to the parent Community Web Portal.

Sapphire - Parent Community Web Portal Information


The Milton Area School District uses Microsoft Office 365 accounts for all staff and students in grades 2 through 12. Click here to learn more.



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