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Baugher Elementary



Baugher first grade students were treated to a traveling museum compliments of The Milton Historical Society.  With Milton's upcoming Bicentennial, first grade students got a real history lesson.  "Chef Boyardee", Canal Boats, Tomato Festivals, Governor James Pollack, and The Wilson Fly Net Factory are all a part of the history of our hometown.  Members of the Milton Historical Society went room to room in the first grades to give a presentation on each of these parts of Milton History.  Students were engaged and excited to hear of life in Milton so many years ago!

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Milton Area School District utilizes the Sapphire Student Information System for grading, contact information, and notifications.  Parents should create Community Web Portal accounts to view classroom information and grades, update contact information, and set up notification workflows to receive announcements.   Download the document below and follow the steps to connect to the parent Community Web Portal.

Sapphire - Parent Community Web Portal Information


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