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The 100th day of school has always been a day of fun and celebration of all the things learned so far this year.  All kinds of learning activities focused around the number 100 happen on this special day.  Reading, to math, to writing projects are all centered around One Hundred.  Kindergarten loves to discuss and write about what they think they will be doing when they are 100 years old.  Pictured below are some Kindergarten students playing along with, "what would it be like to be 100 years old?".  Believe it or not, the teacher pictured, Miss Knock, is a new hire this year at Baugher...she was much younger when she started here back in August!!!!    (well... at least 100 days younger)

Baugher celebrates the PAWSitive Panthers for the month of January.  

Trinity Anderson- Andrew Jenkins - Jaquelyn Reynolds- Emily Nicholas - Paige Guffey - Lydia Crawford -Alayna Chappell - Taliyah Ross - Ben Schade - Caine Snavely

Alexa Deitrich - Benjamin Veach - Ty Locke - Lainey Snyder - Avery Jones - Elizabeth Reynolds - Sienna Short - Nathaniel Guisewite - Ava DeBerry - Carter Letteer - BrookeLynn Vasquez

Lukas Diehl - Jamiah Loesser - Cayden Robinson

Not Pictured :  Destiny Smith

Expository Writing – writing used to explain, clarify, or instruct; uses words like, first, second, then, and finally to help readers follow ideas.

Mrs. Chappell's 5th graders came to Mrs. Swank's 1st grade classroom to help the first graders do a "How-To" writing activity. The subjects ranged from "how to paint your fingernails" to "how to build a snowman". The students in Mrs. Swank's room enjoyed getting help from their older "Guest Teachers". The activity not only encouraged the younger students, but it also reinforced the basic concepts of writing for the 5th graders.


Milton Area School District’s new notification system is attached to our student information system, Sapphire.  Parents have the ability to change contact information and update their notification workflows in the portal. Parents, please follow the steps in this document to ensure that your contact information is correct and notification settings are setup in order to receive information from the Milton Area School District.

Don't have a Sapphire parent account?  Read this article!

Attention Parents/Guardians:

Milton Area School District is using Sapphire Student Information System and Online Gradebook beginning with the 15-16 school year.  The system provides a Community Web Portal for parents to view grades, assignments, and school announcements for their children.

Please create your Sapphire Parent Community Web Portal account by following these steps:

  • Click on the for PARENTS link on the district homepage above
  • Click on the Sapphire icon
  • Click on the “Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form” on the right side under "Don’t have an account"
  • Follow all the prompts to complete the process (you must have a valid email address)

You will receive an email upon submitting the online application.  You will receive a second email when the account is approved and finalized by Mr. Brian Ulmer, Director of Secondary Education.  The second email will include a five-digit PIN generated by the Sapphire system.  You can then login to Sapphire with the username and password that you selected in the online application and the system-generated PIN provided in the second email.

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