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Baugher Elementary



Congratulations to Baugher Elementary's PAWSitive Panthers for the month of September. 
They have all used their "PAWS"...

Practice Kindness
Accept Others
Watch for People Who Need Help
Stand Tall and Strong

Austin Robins, Azriel Cade, Seth Yoder, Jacob King, Madelyn Nicholas, Kylie Williams, Jleea Linn, Alayna Chappell, Leah Willow, Keith Houtz, Evan Yoder
Liberty Martin, Mikenna Geiswite,Lourdes Bellido, Ryan Hafer, Cade Swartzentruber, Carter Beck, Alyvia Russell, Lily Scholl, Clayton Shiffer
Kinaysha Bernabe, Carrie King, Penelope Newcomer, Cage Farr, Skyler Guffey, Lainey Snyder, Miles Brown, Destiny Smith
Not Pictured: Anthony West

The Milton Area School District will be participating in the Feed-A-Friend Campaign from Monday, October 27th through Friday, November 21st.  Please see the attached flyer for additional information.

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